HL Acquisitions Corp. is a $55 million public investment vehicle listed on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ: HCCH)

We are searching for a private company where our investment and strategic support will help create significant value over time. Our prospective target businesses are primarily focused within the hydrocarbon processing and logistics sector.

We started HL because we believe opportunities exist to capitalize on the systemic shifts upending global energy markets, which have resulted in US shale becoming the focus of oil company capex, and a concomitant de-emphasis of investment in offshore projects.

Our primary focus will be on the LNG space in particular, where attractive economics and significant growth in liquefaction capacity will enable it to become a viable fuel alternative for end-users. Our intention is to employ our higher tolerance for risk in seeking-out areas where the scarcity of capital provides opportunity for superior returns.

We believe the next chapter of the story will be focused on bringing LNG to industrial and commercial customers, primarily in the developing world. Our objective is to realize superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in creative, modular, and scalable solutions to help facilitate that transition.